TSEMCI is an escrow management company which services the third party reproductive industry as well as families entering into adoption plans. Our mission is to safely and securely manage money in third-party assisted reproductive arrangements and adoptions.

It is our sole intent and desire to provide you or your clients with the knowledge, security, and compassion we have gained from our years of experience on the front lines of the reproductive industry and adoptions as we manage the money that will be needed in connection with a surrogacy, and/or egg donation, or an adoption plan. We work with domestic as well as international clients, agencies, attorneys, and individuals who are entering into these types of family building situations.

You need the assurance that these funds are being managed with the utmost respect for the people involved, and with the security and fiduciary standards which TSEMCI is able to offer through its Interest Only Lawyer’s Trust Account and the supervision of a reproductive lawyer and an accountant. The Stork Escrow Management Connection, Inc. is owned and managed by an infertility survivor and experienced reproductive lawyer, Elizabeth Swire Falker, Esq. (The Stork Lawyer®), and Certified Public Accountant, Kelly L. DuMont.  TSEMCI is fully insured and bonded.

It is because of Liz’s and Kelly’s experience and background that TSEMCI is uniquely able to provide its clients with the personal understanding of the highly charged emotions that come into play in these family building situations, together with stellar credentials of an experienced reproductive lawyer and certified public accountant.

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